SEL Spotlight

Starting with the 2021-2022 academic year, Windsor Public Schools (WPS) has committed to embedding Social Emotional Learning district-wide. We are focused and dedicated to the social, emotional, and educational growth of all WPS students, teachers, staff, and families. Our priority is to support WPS in the development of the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to engage in continuous self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Dr. Michael Mallery Jr., alongside our Superintendent, WPS administrators, educators, students,  and his team of SEL Specialists, showcased how WPS built SEL coherence and buy-in around high-quality SEL across all of our schools. Special guests that included esteemed members of the CT Department of Education, learned about the trajectory of SEL in the community and heard from staff and students directly impacted by this very special work. 

The highlight of the morning was definitely the live Student Advisory class, led by WHS junior Kruti Dharsandiya, that guests got to sit in on and participate in.  The class was used as one of the examples of how the district has embedded SEL core competencies in all aspects of student learning. 

Educators and staff members also weighed in on how they have been using SEL in their classrooms to further engage students, form more transparent open relationships with families, as well as reform the climate and culture in their school buildings.   

A group of Sage Park Middle schoolers and WHS student leaders spoke about what SEL means for students at WPS.  One of the students, Dhamarre Bournes spoke about how SEL shifts the paradigm between students and teachers by creating a safe space that takes into account the feelings and experiences of both sides. This in turn allows for opportunities to build strong interpersonal relationships that pour into the way teaching and learning happen in the classroom.  Our middle schoolers spoke about how SEL especially affects student-to-student interactions and the way they use SEL core competencies like Social Awareness and Relationship Skills. 

Be sure to check out the WPS SEL Page on our website for SEL Resources as well as to connect with one of our SEL Specialists: