WPS Logo Instructional services

Noha Abdel-Hady, EdD Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1230

Bonnie Fineman, Secondary Curriculum Director
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1285

Michelle Williams, Elementary Curriculum Director
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1229

Dr. Michael Mallery, OFCP & SEL Director
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1241

Gianna Gill, District Communications & Community Partnerships Coordinator
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1292

Alexis Schacht, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services  
P. (860) 687-2000 ext. 1230

Carrie Canoni, Poquonock STEM Coach
P. 860-687-2080 ext. 7106

Jessica Addie, Oliver Ellsworth STEM Coach
P. 860-687-2070 ext. 6226
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Dr. Stacy Williams, PhD, Clover STEM Coach
P. 860-687-2050

Sue Hincks, John F. Kennedy STEM Coach
P. 860-687-2060 ext. 5165

Paige LePage, Sage Park Middle School STEM Coach
P. 860-687-2030 ext. 3169

Keva Griggs, Poquonock Humanities Coach
P. 860-687-2080 ext. 7169

Marcia Ferreira, Oliver Ellsworth Humanities Coach
P. 860-687-2070 ext. 6225

TaLoria Wilson, Clover Humanities Coach
P. 860-687-2050 ext. 4104

Sonia Turner, John F. Kennedy Humanities Coach
P. 860-687-2060 ext. 5165

Vanessa Golec, Sage Park Middle School Humanities Coach
P. 860-687-2030 ext. 3171