Courses in this department are closely linked to the Business and Finance Pathways and provide useful background for numerous occupations in all other pathways
Business Education coursework provides students with exposure to business strategy, effective communication techniques, financial reasoning, and economic concepts.  Each course curriculum is designed to embed core academic coursework, interpersonal skills, and technological knowledge into real world application which prepares students for future career and/or college opportunities.  All students will demonstrate knowledge through teamwork, self reflection, and career embedded experiences.

The Business and Finance pathway exposes students to the knowledge and skills that will contribute to them becoming productive and financially aware employees with strong consumer skills. 

Business courses include (courses with an asterisk are eligible for dual credit through one of our concurrent enrollment programs):

  • Grade 9
    Accounting 1, Marketing 1, Principles of Business Management,       Personal Finance 1,  Personal Finance 2*,  Microsoft Applications         1 and 2, Marketing 1

  • Grade 10
    Accounting 2*, Law for Business and Personal Use, Entrepreneurship, Marketing 2 and all courses listed above

  • Grade 11
    All courses listed above

  • Grade 12
    All courses listed above