Dr. Mallery Attends Black SEL Summit

Dr. Michael Mallery sits on nationwide Black SEL Director's panel at the 2023 Black SEL Summit in Durham, North Carolina. 

At Windsor Public Schools, we are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our award-winning Social Emotional Learning (SEL) department, led by  Dr. Michael Mallery Jr., the district Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning. Recently, Dr. Mallery showcased his expertise and insights in an op-ed piece for EdWeek titled "What Data-Driven SEL Has Done for My District".  This significant contribution sheds light on the transformative potential that data holds in elevating social-emotional learning experiences.

Dr. Michael Mallery presents at Friday Cafe connecting the dots between Family Engagement and Social Emotional Learning. 

The SEL Department's outstanding efforts were recognized with the prestigious "SEL Impact Award" from Aperture Education, a leading provider of CASEL-aligned K-12 SEL assessment, strategies, and reporting. 

The recognition doesn't stop there. Damion Morgan, SEL specialist at Clover Street School, also made a noteworthy contribution by penning his own enlightening op-ed for ESchool News titled "Using SEL to Support Before and After-School Programs." These valuable insights emphasize the multifaceted application of SEL in enriching students' experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Clover School SEL Specialist Damion Morgan pictured with Principal Tricia  Lee. 

These accomplishments collectively highlight WPS' unwavering dedication to providing a holistic and enriching educational environment that nurtures the social and emotional growth of every student. We're excited about the positive impact that our SEL initiatives continue to make and are committed to advancing and expanding these efforts for the benefit of our students and community.  

Congratulations to Dr. Mallery and his amazing team of SEL Specialists! Would you like to connect with a member of our SEL team?  Find out more here


JFK SEL Specialist Elyssa Kotler. 

Oliver Ellsworth SEL Specialist Chris Williams. 

Poquonock SEL Specialist Sam Batchelder. 

Dr. Keon Berry (SPMS SEL Specialist) pictured with Dr. Mallery. 

SEL specialists Diane Shaw (WHS),  Melanie Gutierrez (WHS), and  Farrah Beatty (SPMS).