VP Ericka Fangiullo gives members of the Windsor Citizens Academy a tour of the Windsor High School Robotics/Architecture and Engineering classroom.

VP Ericka Fangiullo gives members of the Windsor Citizens Academy a tour of the Windsor High School Robotics, Architecture and Engineering classroom. 

Recently, Windsor Public Schools joined hands with the town municipality to participate in the annual Citizens Academy —an event that showcased the inner workings of our vibrant community. Participants were treated to an insightful evening, getting a close look at the district's robust educational infrastructure.

A Windsor Citizens Academy participant marvels at one of the 3D printers available for student use in the Windsor High School’s CTE wing. 

The event featured distinguished administrators: Mr. Gruber of Oliver Ellsworth, Mrs. Lee from Clover Street School, Mrs. Jorgensen from Sage Park Middle School, Mr. Gagne from John F. Kennedy, and Mr. Mihalko from Poquonock School. They eloquently emphasized the district's rich resources, boasting an average student-to-staff ratio of an impressive 14 to 1.

Mr. Taran Gruber, proud Principal of Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School speaks about high student achievement as well as the vibrant and diverse student population he serves. 

One of the central themes underscored during the event was the district's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The administrators stressed the importance of being a vibrant, racially diverse district with a balanced socioeconomic population. This ethos is foundational to providing a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for every student.

Superintendent Dr. Terrell Hill, a proud Windsor resident himself, expressed immense pride in hiring a plethora of Windsor residents as educators and administrators. Many of these professionals have their own children attending the school district, underscoring their personal investment and dedication to fostering a thriving educational community.

Dr. Hill makes opening remarks during the start of the program. 

Dr. Hill also highlighted the achievements of key members of his team, giving special mention to the National and state recognition received by the district's Social Emotional Learning Coordinator, Dr. Michael Mallery, and District Communications Coordinator, Mrs. Gianna Gill. Their exceptional efforts have garnered well-deserved accolades, contributing to the district's outstanding reputation.

Windsor resident and parent of two WPS students speaks about her positive experiences at Windsor Public Schools. 

The Citizens Academy was a resounding success, offering a glimpse into the exemplary educational framework and values upheld by the Windsor School District. The commitment to providing a top-notch, inclusive education while prioritizing diversity is a testament to the district's dedication to fostering a brighter future for all its students. The collaboration between the school district and the community exemplifies a harmonious and symbiotic relationship, aiming to make a lasting positive impact on our beloved Windsor.

Citizens Academy attendees explore the garage area and learn about current and upcoming industry partnerships the high school is building to best prepare students for high-demand job opportunities.