elsie hale and gabby williams jfk 2023

From left to right;  Mr. Gagne, Mr. Potter, Elsie Hale, Gabby Williams, Ms. Lloyd, and Mrs. Wood. 

In the heart of John F. Kennedy Elementary School, a transformative and inspiring project has taken shape - the 'Kindness Counts Rock Wall' mural. This vibrant masterpiece is more than just an artwork; it's a beacon of kindness and collaboration, showcasing the incredible talents of young artists and the dedication of educators.

The Vision Behind the Mural

At the core of this endeavor lies a beautiful vision - to spread kindness and positivity within the school community. The brainchild of Mr. Potter and Ms. Llyod, the 'Kindness Counts Rock Wall' mural aimed to convey a powerful message through art. The project was nurtured by the collaboration between the art teacher, Ms. Lloyd, and the physical education/health teacher, Mr. Potter, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in education.

Gabby William signs the mural at the unveiling ceremony.

Unveiling Remarkable Talent

Out of a pool of over 80 remarkable art entries, the works of two outstanding artists stood out - Elsie Hale, a former student of JFK, and Gabby Williams, a current 4th grader. Their exceptional creativity and unique perspectives were chosen to grace the rock wall, representing kindness in vivid and captivating strokes. The mural serves as a testament to the talent and creativity flourishing within the walls of John F. Kennedy Elementary School.

Elsie Hale returns to JFK for the unveiling ceremony. 

A Journey of Collaboration and Creativity

Superintendent Dr. Hill recently had the team on his district podcast,  Chat and Chill with Super. Hill to shed light on the collaborative journey undertaken to bring the mural to life. The episode emphasized the importance of fostering creativity, kindness, and collaboration among students. The insightful conversations with the young artists, Elsie and Gabby, along with their teachers, provided a glimpse into the dedication and passion driving this initiative.

Dr. Hill interviews Mr. Potter and Gabby Williams on the district podcast, Chat and Chill with Super. Hill.

The Grand Unveiling

The pinnacle of the journey was the grand unveiling of the 'Kindness Counts Rock Wall' mural, a momentous event that filled the air with excitement and anticipation. The community, including students, teachers, and parents, gathered to witness the breathtaking artwork. Elsie and Gabby, beaming with pride, unveiled their creations to the world, marking a beautiful beginning for this beacon of kindness within the school.

Mr. Gagne assisted by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Hill unveiled the mural in front of the JFK learning community. 

A Lasting Impact

The 'Kindness Counts Rock Wall' mural stands as a symbol of unity, kindness, and artistic expression, reminding us all of the power of collaboration and creativity in making a difference. This project not only beautified the school but also inspired everyone to embrace kindness as a way of life. It serves as a constant reminder that each brushstroke can contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious world.

Acting Principal Gagne emphasises the power of kindness in a heartfelt speech in front of the JFK community. 


A panoramic view of the mural.