chess + SEL

If one were to walk into Sage Park Middle School on any given day during the lunch blocks you can count on catching some entertaining chess matches between our middle school students, and if you are lucky you may even catch some educators joining in on the fun.  

Somewhere in the room will also be SEL specialist, Dr. Berry with a huge grin on his face or his hands on his chin pondering his pupil's next move.   The beauty in all of this excitement is the mature communication and display of SEL core competencies put into action all around the room by our middle school students. 

Social Emotional Learning partnered with Chess; has become a gateway to learning for our students at Sage Park.  Our students are confident and striving to be excellent everyday, because of the skills chess provides.                                                                                                                                          -Dr. Berry

Last week Dr. Berry and (Family Resource Coordinator) Taisha Serrano partnered with The Bean to showcase and share the dynamic pairing of chess and SEL.  The evening gathering of students, families, and community members around chess boards was a beautiful sight to behold.  Young, old, and in-between battled, learned, laughed, and shared!