new boe fall 23
fall 23 boeSeated from left to right:  Leonard O. Lockhart (Secretary), Ayana K. Taylor (Vice President), David J. Furie (President), Nathan G. Wolliston, and Anthony King.

Standing from left to right:  Paul J. Panos (Minority Leader), Jill A. Canter, Jeremy C. Halek, and James A. Madison.

Windsor boe
The town of Windsor welcomed new leaders and celebrated a groundbreaking victory. The Windsor Board of Education saw the induction of James Madison and Anthony King, who promise to help shape the future of education in our community.

newly elected boe members Andy king and James Madison
From left to right newly elected board members Anthony King and James Madison. 

The excitement didn’t stop there. Our town also made history by electing Nuchette Black-Burke as the first black female mayor. Her win is a symbol of progress and unity for Windsor.

mayor black- Burke
Newly elected Mayor Nuchette Black-Burke. 

Windsor town council
Members of the Windsor Town Council get sworn in. 

As we congratulate James Madison and Anthony King for their commitment to education, we extend our heartfelt cheers to Mayor Nuchette Black-Burke. Together, these leaders represent a new era for Windsor, marked by inclusivity, positive change, and a promising future.

For a full list of BOE members as well as upcoming Board of Education meetings click here ➡️