service awards 2023
At Windsor Public Schools , we believe in recognizing and celebrating the unwavering commitment and dedication of our employees. In 2023, we had the distinct pleasure of honoring a remarkable group of individuals who have been apart of our district for a significant part of their careers. The Windsor Service Awards was a heartwarming occasion that paid tribute to those who’ve served with us for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and an astonishing 40 years.

sue morton 2023

This year’s Service Awards event was particularly special, as it included a standout recognition for three exceptional individuals – Stephen Rodonis (30 Years), Nancy Field (35 Years), and Nancy Dagenhart (40 Years). Together, they’ve contributed over 105 years of service to Windsor Public Schools, an achievement that truly deserves to be celebrated. Their dedication and commitment have left an indelible mark on our organization, and their stories are a testament to the strength of the WPS family. See a full list of honorees below.

10 years
10 Years
Mayela Aguirre-Ernest
Sandra Bailey
Kate Bowman
Brett-Ashley Briggs
Laura Cookson
Robin Cramer
Anne-Marie Curtis
Sheri Davis
Lynne Devito
Lorenzo Elliott
Leah Fraser
Tylr Freeman
Kelly Hrubiec
Joseph Maffiolini
Andrea Mason
Eleanor Mccarthy
Nicholas Mercier
Paul Pierce
Tiffany Prevost
Rosa Ramos
Zoretha Rivera
Tiffany Rodriguez
Juan Ruiz Felix
Amy Stavola
Ericka Velez
Karen Vezina
Ann Wallace

15 years
15 Years
Amoke Bigelow
Paul Broxterman
Hyacinth Defoe
Virginia Dominguez
Julie Figueroa
Kirsten Fonfara
Jillian Gold
Melani Gutierrez
Nancy Hammarstrom
Gregg Hannan
Dawn Hunter
Andrea Kay
Amanda Moyal
Jessica Narkawicz
Lorenzo Parker
Mandy Renert
Denise Robinson
Allison Semenuck
Jarod Shaw
Lisa Smith
Emily Vazquez
Christa Wallace
Jennifer Wilson
Kimberly Wood

15 years
20 Years
William Alexander
Raquel Cintron
Paula Glofka
Lyn Holzman
Jennifer Hosein
Bruce Kulas
Sheila Luksic
Frank Scott
Wendy Senter
Joan Thompson

25 years
25 years 
Brian Boyd
Audra Celio
Karen Kelley
Virginia Kramer
Ryan Michalak
Maria Mikuszewski
Sue-Anna Morton
Carol Normoyle
Marie O'Brien
Stacey Paley
Ranson Spence
Rebecca Zenczak

30 years 
Stephen Rodonis

35 years 
Nancy Field

40 years 
Nancy Dagenhart

30+ years