STEM Department

Mathematics and Science

The WPS STEM Department vision is to deliver comprehensive and high quality STEM programming (Math, Science, Engineering and Technology) which will inspire lifelong learning within a collaborative environment where perseverance, problem solving and risk taking are the norms. 

As defined in our WPS STEM Vision, the ultimate goal of teaching and learning in the STEM Department is to help students build a passion for Math, Science Technology and Engineering.  

As a department, we believe that perseverance, problem solving and risk taking are just three of the most important characteristics of a successful STEM student. As such, we work hard to build students who will strive in a collaborative environment where these three characteristics are the norm. 

Our Math program includes a variety of tools and resources that support students’ learning. In grades Prek-2 students use a non language based Mathematics program called ST Math to support their conceptual understanding of different Math concepts. In grades 3-8 students use Reflex for fact fluency, I-ready for individualized instruction, and in grades 6-8 students have access to Moby Max which is also used to provide students with individualized instruction and support. 

In science, our students are exposed to a variety of concepts and topics that expands their knowledge of themselves as human beings and the world around them. We follow the next generation Science Standards and as a department have placed a great deal of emphasis on the Science and Engineering standards. These standards allow our students to experience science as scientists where they do science and not just read about science. 

Windsor Public Schools offer a variety of after school programs for grades 3-12 in STEM and robotics for students who are interested in experiencing STEM in action.