Technology Education

Courses in Technology Education are linked to the following Pathways: Technologies: Manufacturing, Communications and Repair, Construction Technologies and Design, Arts and Media.

Technology Education coursework provides students with exposure to digital literacy, engineering design principles, and manufacturing concepts.  Each course curriculum is designed to embed STEAM coursework, analysis, critical thinking, and innovation into solving real world challenges which prepares students for future career and/or college opportunities.  All students will demonstrate knowledge through engineering, collaboration, and the safe use of tools, materials, and equipment.

The Technology Education pathway exposes students to the knowledge and skills that will contribute to them becoming innovative and technologically savvy citizens of a global society.

Technology Education courses include (courses with an asterisk are eligible for dual credit through one of our concurrent enrolment programs):

Grade 9
Construction Concepts, Introduction to Wood Technology, Introduction to Precision Manufacturing, Introduction to Drafting and Design, Television Production & Digital Media, Engineering Drawing*, Housing and Interior Design, Introduction to Graphics, Introduction to Digital Photography, Robotics 1, Robotics 2, Introduction to Transportation Technology, Power Technology, Foundations of Technology,  S.T.E.A.M. Guitar:  A sampling of Technology Education and the Arts, Introduction to Programming through Creative Computing

Grade 10

Applied Wood Technology, Applied Graphics, Advanced Digital Photography, Applied Precision Manufacturing*, Automotive Systems, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)*, Applied Graphics, Advanced Television Production and Digital Media*, Computer Assisted Drawing/Computer Assisted Machining* (CADD/CAM) and all courses listed above

Grade 11

Advanced Automotive Systems, Advanced Drafting and Design, Advanced Graphics, Advanced Wood Technology, Advanced Precision Manufacturing*, Yearbook, and all courses listed above

Grade 12
All courses listed above


Awards/Recognitions/Competition Wins:
  • Participated in NASA Hunch Challenges beginning in 2015.  Program recognitions include a 2017 win.  Best video for informing elementary through secondary school students about science accomplished on the ISS."  It is one of only two awards this year, and was selected by the International Space Station (ISS) Communication Team.  The link to the video can be found here.
  • In 2019 Windsor High School was the first high school in NASA History to receive the distinguished honor of being credited on NASA design plans for a seat track that is used on the International Space Station.

Additional Opportunities for Technology Education students:
  • Windsor Technology Student Association (Windsor TSA)

  • E-Sports League

  • Robotics FIRST

  • STEM Warriors Club

  • Tech Club

  • Tomahawk

  • Warrior Productions

  • Go Baby Go

  • Math Team

  • Electrathon

  • Art Club

  • Electrathon Club

  • Leadership Council

  • Young Men’s Leadership Academy

  • Young Women’s Leadership Corp

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