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Tree House is a before care and afterschool program offered to PreK-5 families & their students who attend a Windsor Public School. Tree House is a district-wide positive youth development program for students and families who attend a Windsor Public School. Tree House serves students from PreK- Grade 5 at Oliver Ellsworth, Poquonock, John F. Kennedy and Clover Street Schools for before school-AM (7:00 AM - 9:00 AM) and after school programming (3:00 PM – 6:00 PM).


As of 8/20/20,  we will be running on the Tier 2: hybrid model affording AM and PM options for families of students in groups M/T and TH/F only. There will be no care on Wednesdays for distance learning days. We will advise of changes if and when they become available. We will not be able to provide drop-in opportunities. Holidays i.e. Columbus Day, Election Day, etc will only be open to families on their grouping day. Therefore if your grouping day lands on a Monday and there is no school you should sign up for Wednesday of that week.

When we are ready to come back to school at a Tier 1 capacity, we will have a 5-day option and a pick-your-day option (pick more than two days).  Non-school days and vacation program schedules will be open to families who are enrolled in the 5-day option or pick-your-day option (Tier 1) . We will not be able to provide drop-in opportunities. 


Our mission is to provide a high-quality extending learning opportunity in a safe and supervised environment for our Windsor students, Pre-K through 5.


Our vision for Tree House programs is to promote disguised learning supporting our four core strategies.


Our core strategies are in alignment with Windsor Public Schools’ Core Beliefs: Collaboration, Equity, Family and Community Partnerships, and Growth Mindset. The Tree House core strategies consist of:

  • Social-Emotional-Learning
  • Homework Help 
  • Academic Enrichment(s); and 
  • Health and Wellness 


In the event school is closed due to weather and Tree House is open, all sites will combine and be at JFK School, 530 Park Avenue, 860.687.2060 x. 5132. Tree House will open at 8:00 am.


Please find the pricing below to register. Please visit our NEW ELEYO system.  We have open enrollment however it is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Hybrid Model Pricing/Cost of Program (PLEASE NOTE: 3-5 days a week or pick your days are not available during the COVID Pandemic):

Before School Care - AM (JFK, Clover, POQ, OE)

2 days only (M/T) or (Th/F): $114 per child per month

After School Program - PM (JFK, Clover, POQ, OE)

2 days only (M/T) or (Th/F): $176 per child per month

Before School Care and After School Program - Both AM & PM (JFK, Clover, POQ, OE)

2 days only (M/T) or (Th/F): $246 per child per month

PLEASE NOTE: 10% sibling discount affordable to families with two or more children for monthly tuition. $10 registration fee per family.