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July 28, 2020

Reopening Committee Letter #4

Dear Windsor Schools Community,

On behalf of the district’s reopening committee, I am writing today to provide a brief update and share the results of our transportation survey with you.  Greater detailed information regarding survey responses has been posted to the district website.  

While our reopening committee continues to work on our district-wide plan, building administration and staff are working diligently on specifics for reopening school buildings.  We received many responses from families that wish to review our draft reopening plan. The Office of Family and Community Partnerships will be communicating with families who indicated an interest directly. 

Our transportation survey closed last Wednesday evening.  We appreciate the strong participation by families in this survey as we received almost 3,000 responses.  Based on responses from families, ridership will be decreased by approximately 13% for next year.  This reduction is in addition to the number of families who are eligible but currently don’t utilize transportation (approximately 6%).  This information will assist us in planning for transportation routes.  The numbers themselves only tell part of the story.  For instance, Clover Street School has more students that walk to school versus other elementary schools.  Additionally, WHS has students who drive to school which reduces the ridership.  

School Location

% of Families Choosing to Opt Out of Transportation Services*

Oliver Ellsworth






John F. Kennedy


Sage Park Middle School


Windsor High School


*Link to other charts from this dataset

Thank you for reviewing this information and please check your email next week for the results of our second survey.


signature of superintendent

Craig A. Cooke, Ph.D.


Adapt, Advance, Achieve (Click image to view slides)

First page of the PDF file: Reopening_Slides

CSDE Adapt, Advance, Achieve: CT's Plan to Learn and Grow Together Summary

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