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Assistive Technology
  • Note To Parents/Guardians:
    Pursuant to Connecticut law, the Windsor Public Schools must provide parents/guardians of students eligible for special education and related services with information and resources, created by the Connecticut State Department of Education (the "Department"), relating to the individualized education programs ("IEPs"). In accordance with this requirement, the district provides the following list of information and resources to assist parents/guardians.
  • About Pupil and Special Education Services
    The Pupil and Special Education Services department is committed to ensuring that students who require special education services or 504 accommodations will receive the supports and services required to help them to achieve. The department provides a variety of support services to students and their families. Services may include special education, speech and language, health services, school psychology, school social work, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Special education and general education faculty work closely together to foster learning environments that support student academic and social and emotional learning. Student needs are identified through the Planning and Placement team (PPT) and eligible students receive special education services as defined in each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). 504 plans are developed for students requiring 504 accommodations.