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What are the most important skills and attributes Windsor students need to develop in order to ensure success in learning, life, and work beyond school?


The Windsor Public School District is seeking your input on an important endeavor of developing A Profile of a Graduate for Windsor Public Schools. A Profile of a Graduate is a process whereby Windsor Public Schools will identify key skills, competencies, and abilities that we would want to develop in our Windsor graduates over their entire time with us. We are seeking input from many different groups including families, students, faculty, and corporate and civic partners. The results of this exchange will assist the district in creating a roadmap as to how we will develop these attributes in our students from pre-kindergarten through graduation. 


We need your input on what qualities you feel a Windsor Public Schools’ graduate should possess in order to succeed beyond high school. To gather your feedback, we’re using a tool called Thoughtexchange. All of our voices matter, so your participation is crucial and valued. 


The Thoughtexchange process has 3 steps: Share, Star and Discover

Share: share thoughts to open-ended questions, independently and confidentially

Star: read thoughts shared by you and other participants, and rate thoughts out of 5 stars

Discover: learn what matters to the group by exploring the thoughts and how they were rated 


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